Roadschool Links

Links to, by, for, or about other families:

  • who homeschool (roadschool)
  • in an RV,
  • on the road (can’t be parked at a friend or relatives house indefinitely)
  • for a year or more (long summer vacations while good, don’t fall into this category)

Yes, I’m neither the first nor last.

One Year Road Trip

RV Travel with Kids

Homeschool Across America

Biking from Alaska to Argentina: A Homeschooling Road Trip

Families on the Road

Homeschool Travel

Fulltime Families

Bacon Across America

In Pursuit of Happiness

The Edge of All Journeys

Full Time RV Family

Man vs. Debt

Roadtrip America


Soul Travelers 3

Family Offtrack


The World is our School

Yearlong Adventure

America Homeschool

The Showalter Family

Mom Logic

Robillard Adventures

We Choose This Life

Driven to Educate

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2 Responses to Roadschool Links

  1. orthodoxmom3 says:

    I often think it would be really neat to be able to RV and homeschool at the same time. But I can’t even get my kids to read in the car! ;)

  2. We never made the kids read in the car. For many people, it gives them headaches or makes them nauseous

    We never liked the idea of portable DVD players either – what would be the point of windows and beautiful scenery? For us, audio books were the perfect solution. Some titles we would play in the car CD player for all to hear. (The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings were our favorites) others, not appreciated by everyone, were played on individual CD players with headphones. Now, of course there are MP3 players and you can even get audiobooks as apps for smartphones.

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